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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dangerous Blogging

 Yesterday, I had totally planned an adorable outfit post, with purple tights and a silk bow-tied blouse. I take my pictures in my backyard which is comprised of a small amount of grass, as well as a covered patio. This patio is where we keep our recycling containers, which are very full due to a few weeks of forgetting to take it out.

As I was moving these out of the frame, a beer bottle dropped and smashed on the ground. This happened as I was stepping down, and I managed to step directly on a shard of glass. This gnarly piece of glass went right in between my big toe, and sliced my foot clear to the bone. Tommy raced out to get me, and took me to the doctor. After removing two large pieces of glass from my foot, I was stitched up. Eleven stitches later, I am home with a very sore foot and sadly, no update. I will probably be unable to create any new content for the next day or two.

Please excuse the very unblog worthy photo, but it gives you an idea of what I'm working with. A picture of the wound without the bandages would have been more interesting, but I'll spare you the gore.

Have any of you had stitches? Where did you get yours, and how many did you have? I had never gotten them before yesterday. Eleven sure seemed like a lot!


  1. OUCH!!! oh man that's awful!! I'm so sorry. :( I literally gasped and put my hand to my mouth when I pictured you stepping on it! Ahh. Getting glass stuck anywhere on my body is my worst nightmare.

    I had stitches when I was in 3rd grade. A baseball bat hit me right in the center of my head! I was covered head to toe in blood. I still have a pretty gnarly scar from it!

    Hope you heal up soon!


  2. Ouuch! That must have been awful to have stitches right on your head! I got lucky in that my scar will be hidden, but if I want to show it off I can.

    -Amanda K.

  3. Oh no! I hope you are feeling better!

    I got stitches once when I was about 12-13 yrs old. I was riding my bike and ran into a mailbox. Please don't ask... lol and I sliced open my first knuckle on my right hand. Luckily it was over the summer but I was at my grandma's and so I went to the doctor and had it stitched up and had a "boxing glove" of bandages around my hand for several weeks. I think I had 6 stitches. I still have a half moon scar on my hand from it.

    I had two good takeaways:
    1. Don't ride your bike into a mailbox. haha
    2. When your half circle scar is healing and scabs, you can shape your hand to look like a snake head and the scab looks like an eye.

    I still show it off to this day. I'm such a big nerd! haha

    a cup of subtle tea


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