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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another excuse to drink coffee

   I love me some coffee. Does not mater if it's a latte or drip, hot or cold, soy or 1%. If it has coffee in it, I will probably drink it and ask for more. What makes coffee better? Drinking it out of a cute mug of course. Things just taste better when they come in a good lookin' package. It's science. Here are some of my favorite handmade mugs from Etsy!

Ship mug from Pieces by Joanna.

 Chickadee mug by Kristen k. Swanson.

Textured stem mugs by Kim Westad.

 Rabbit mugs by Tania Julian Ceramics.

 Turquoise mugs by Reviving Design.

 Whale in a bell jar mug by Mud Stuffing.

Birch tree mug by Josies Pot Shop.

Umbrella mug and tray by Zuppa Atelier.

   I'm thinking about putting one of them on my Christmas wish list. Do you have a favorite? I am leaning towards the tree mug, or the ship mug.

  While perusing Etsy's mugs, I found several handmade mugs with Starbucks written on them. Does anybody else find this as hilarious and ironic as I do? I mean...what's the point of making something that you could go and buy at a coffee chain? That's the power of a branding I suppose.


  1. These are some delightful coffee mugs! Every time I go to the shops, without fail I will go visit the coffee mugs & tea cups. My husband has put a ban on bringing new ones into our new place because I have had to box up heaps of unused ones I already have that there aren't enough room in our cupboards for! And I can't just buy one, because what if someone comes over, it needs to be a set!

  2. Oh no! This is going to send me crazy!!!!


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