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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve Peak

    Here is a little peak into my Christmas Eve!


     Christmas Eve has always been a bigger deal than Christmas day in my family. As always, we gathered at my grandma's house for a few hours of visiting, eating delicious food and opening presents. My grandma has a great Santa costume, and when I was young my dad or uncle would dress up as Santa, knock on the door and hand out presents. It was always the highlight of the evening, and I counted down to it the minute Christmas Eve arrived. 

     Of course the first Christmas in which I discovered the illusion was pretty devastating. But once I was in on it, it became just as fun to watch Amber and Mitch get excited for Santa. Now Mitch (my brother) is nine, and is still clinging on to the idea of Santa. Although he still believes (we think...he may just be playing along to get more presents), both my uncle and step-dad are tired of dressing up and playing Santa. So, until another baby comes around in our family, Santa is taking a break.


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  1. What a great way to spend Christmas eve. :) I loved every single picture! And you gotta keep santa alive as long as possible! It's too fun. :)


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