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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Little Elephant at Jinx 1/21/12

    I've been so busy these past few days with work and school, that I haven't had any time to update. But I finally have an extra few hours to drink a glass of iced coffee, and give this blog some love.
    On Saturday night, Tommy's band, The Little Elephant, had a show at Jinx Art Space. Tommy has done quite a bit of volunteering at Jinx, and it's a great little venue for local bands and artists. Newly renovated, Jinx has a large area for bands to play, and artists to work. My favorite part is a little corner filled with...well all sorts of random knickknacks, plants, lights and various other things. It's quite beautiful in a great and very odd way.
    The band played great, and a few of Tommy's friends from down south were able to come up and watch. I got on a guest list for the first time, which made me feel pretty bad ass. They are a really fun band to listen to and watch. As I type this, I am actually listening to them practice in the garage.

      Man, is it hard to get good pictures at shows! Between the lighting and all the movement, I was bummed most of my pictures came out rather blurry or dark. It's good practice for me though. Here is that little corner I mentioned. There were so many details that I wish I would have taken more pictures!


  1. this place is rad! ps so happy to have won your little giveaway of lipstick! thanks so much. i'm your newest follower!

    1. You're so welcome! Sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you earlier! If you would like to email me your address, I can get it shipped out to you this week or next at the latest. My email is


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