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Sunday, May 6, 2012

House Details

   We are in our new place, and things are starting to come together. I have been too busy working, so Tommy has done a lot of the unpacking and reorganizing. It's starting to feel like home! The house has so much character; we are guessing it was built in the 1940's or so. Here are just a couple snaps I took of some things I love about our new home!

    I will say, we have encountered one disadvantage about living in an old house. Back in the day, people seriously underestimated the future importance of electrical outlets.

I will definitely be sharing more of our home in the future :)


  1. These pictures look all too familiar. We have a house built in the late 20's. It has character but we have been in a state of complete remodel over the 36 years. I hope you share much happiness in your new digs. Sharon Vance

  2. I had the same experience with electrical outlets. Our house was built in 1963 and there are a few things that make me wonder...why? :)

  3. What perfect details. I cannot wait to see more!

  4. these details are beautiful! oh goodness love your home! but i definitely understand the disadvantages of older homes - our doors never closed well and our electrical wiring was a catastrophe.

  5. Your home is beautiful! Please do share more :)
    It's so rustic chic! I can't wait to have my own place, it must be so fun to have creative control and a place to truly call your own!

  6. It looks so charming! Love the door handle :)

  7. Amazing photos - love every detail their they are so quiet and beautiful<3


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