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Sunday, August 5, 2012

instagram sunday

Here is my week according to my iphone! You can find me on instagram @amandakerz

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday! Today is nice and warm in Bellingham, and I have the day off! I'm planning on getting a little sunshine and possibly going to go see the Dark Knight. Have you seen it, what do you think? I can't wait to see Anne Hathaway play cat woman, from the previews she looks amazing. 

1. Enjoyed some biscuits and honey at Diamond Jim's Grill. Tommy and I love this place, their biscuits are so delicious!
2. My dad came up to celebrate his birthday with Tommy and I, and we had a great time enjoying some beer and food at Boundary Bay Brewery
3. Hanging boat inside Boundary Bay.
4. I took Atticus outside to explore a bit, and while he slowly got more comfortable, at first he didn't want to touch the grass!
5. I have been on a big oatmeal kick lately. Love to eat it while watching Downton Abbey :).
6. Enjoying the sunshine.
7. Chubby kitty belly! 
8. Stocked up on fruits and veggies at a local produce stand.
9. Mural in Bellingham. It reads, "Ye olde city of subdued excitement."
10. Not trying to push anybody's butons here, but this sign just made me chuckle11. Blueberries at the farmers market. Yuuum. Amber and I got two pounds and ate them all in one day.
12. This ivy heart is down by the bay, and is so cute! I love that people keep it up. Amber and I took some photos with it, look for a post tomorrow!

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  1. Ohhhh, the kitten is soooo cute! Beautiful photos dear!


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