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Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 was a big year for me. I graduated from college, moved in with my Tommy (and we celebrated our 5 years!), got a cat, and started working full time. It's been a year full of transitioning into an adult, which is both really great, and also a little scary. But I've already got some ideas in mind for 2013, and can't wait for some new scary/awesome changes.

Here are some highlights form this year, from the earliest to most recent.

My counter reached our million dollar goal for the year! Such a great group of ladies. 

The lovely Hannah created my blog design! She was such a dream to work with. 

Tommy and I moved into our own little place. While the house itself has had some issues, it has been really awesome having a place together. 

 Graduation! Wooo! 

For my birthday, Tommy and I visited the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle. It was so beautiful, definitely one of the coolest art galleries I have seen! 

Seeing Fiona Apple in concert again was amazing! It was so awesome to watch her perform her new material. I'm listening to her new album as I create this post actually :). 

I surprised Tommy with Atticus. Definitely one of the best things about this year.

I upgraded my phone and got an Iphone! Silly to think of this as a favorite thing about 2012? Maybe. But com'on...instagram! 

Two of my good friends (Brittney and Megan) got married within a few weeks of each other! 

Chopped off my hair! Yes, this was a big deal. haha. 

Saw Sigur Ros in concert, so amazing.

Celebrated Tommy's 23rd birthday at one of his favorite restaurants.

Continued the tradition of making roughly a million Christmas cookies for friends and family!

Overall, it has been a great year. Let's go 2013, I'm ready for you! 


  1. Newer follower and wow girl, you had a hell of a year. Look forward to following along more in 2013.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I found your blog over at Lemons,Avocados and the Bay which is crazy because I also went to Western! I graduated a year and a half ago. My husband and I live in Mount Vernon now but I'm in Bellingham all the time. It's a funny, small world :)

    Your year looks like it was pretty amazing! In a couple of weeks we're going to do a glass blowing class in Seattle and I really want to go to Chiuley exhibit before hand. Everyone says it is gorgeous!
    Anywho, have a great NYE. It's always fun "meeting" pacnw bloggers :)

  3. Aw the kitty is so cute and I love the name. Happy New Year!


  4. Looks like a great year! And by the way, you look SO adorable with shorter hair. :)

  5. just found your blog and this little post was a great way to catch up! what an awesome year! anddd sigur ros? so great! we saw them this summer in chicago and then went to iceland for our honeymoon (unfortunately we didn't catch them there, but how cool would that have been?)


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