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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Juice Cleanse: Day 1

I decided to bite the bullet and give a juice cleanse a try. Originally I wanted to complete a 10-day cleanse, but that seems a little ambitious for a first try. So because I had two days off in a row, I thought 3 days seemed doable. If I can last longer, great! But after this first day...I dunno. I just really want a sandwich. Or some pasta. Hell, give me a salad.

Yesterday I was able to sleep in super late (11:00) which really helped with food cravings for a few hours. Honestly, the hardest part of the first day was not making coffee in the morning. Oh gosh, just thinking about it now...I miss it so much! I thought about it throughout the day, like while stocking up on spinach and cucumbers and having to walk past Starbucks. Ahh the temptation!

My first juice of the day was around noon and consisted of spinach, a satsuma orange, two carrots, a cucumber and a mango. Pretty yummy! The mango was really ripe, which added a bit of thickness to the juice, which was nice. I did eat a carrot stick and slice of cucumber while photographing my red pepper and cilantro hummus...but I resisted dipping. It was very difficult! 

After my first juice of the day, I drank a bunch of water to fill up my tummy. I was hungry in about an hour, but luckily I had errands to run so that kept my mind off the hunger. 

I drank my second juice around 3:00 pm, which was made of spinach, a beet, ginger, two carrots and an apple. I have never even tried beets before, but I love the color of its juice, haha. This juice was really good although the beets didn't add much flavor at all. It was mostly ginger-y, which I love. Tommy came home for lunch and it was a little difficult to watch him eat a big ol' sandwich. But I managed to stay strong and think detoxing, clean and healthy thoughts. 

When I started getting hungry again I made some tea while watching Downton Abbey, and continued drinking water. I drank my third juice while Tommy ate to distract me from pouncing on his food. This juice was made with spinach, cucumber, blood orange and a few satsumas. It was good, but definitely not what I wanted to be consuming.

Overall thoughts: Day one was a success with no tears, bitchyness or other unpleasant emotions. Was I hungry? Yes. This may be because I simply didn't drink enough juice as frequently as I should. I'm going to try to drink larger glasses today and add a fourth today, but I don't want to run out of fruits and veggies...juice cleansing is expensive! 


  1. Good luck! It's interesting to read about your cleanse and how it makes you feel. :)

  2. I give you props.. i did this once and lasted three days! i ate some bbq on day 4 hahah

  3. I've never had enough drive to do a juice cleanse. Always wanted to, but I don't have faith that I could make it out without killing someone. ha! Congrats on making it through your first day! Cheers to the next two.


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