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Monday, May 13, 2013

jumping on the Facebook wagon!

A few days ago I made a Facebook page for this blog. Head on over and hit "Like" if you want to be notified of post updates and whatnot! Now that Google Reader is disappearing, it's a good way to follow along :). Is your blog on Facebook? Let me know, I'd love to check it out! My page is still really new, but I'm determined to keep it active!

I have been considering diving into the Facebook/blog world for a while but wondered if it would be right for me. After all, I hardly use Twitter (I need to get better about that) and I worried it would just be another social media outlet that would get ignored.
I decided to go for it because of the Google Reader situation and to keep "bloggy" things off my personal page.

Does anybody else get kinda self conscious when "real life" people find out you have a blog? I know people from all over the world will see the content I put on the web, but I get so much more self conscious thinking about people I know seeing it! Things that seem so normal in the "blogging" world (like taking outfit pictures) might seem really strange to people who don't regularly read blogs. Because of this I don't  tell people about my blog unless it naturally comes up. Does anybody else feel the same way?


  1. Yes! That is one of the reasons I haven't made a Facebook page for my blog, incase 'real life' people caught wind of it and just wouldn't 'get it'. You're absolutely right about the 'blogging world' thing. And I'm selective about who I talk to about my blog also. Heading over to like your page now!


  2. I absolutely feel that way! Most people just don't get it.

  3. I don't know if I feel self-conscious because really people from "work" don't know about my blog, and I'm not sure what they would think if they knew about the fashion blogging part. But people in my personal world- away from work- do know about it, including the husband, and they think it's a great creative outlet for me. So I definitely identify with you here. -Jess L

  4. I totally feel the same way! I'm still developing mine and figuring out what I'm doing... and the idea of relatives or people I went to school with seeing it weirds me out!


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