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Monday, August 19, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Allie from Call me Sassafras

Today I'm happy to introduce Allie, from Call Me Sassafras. I really enjoy Allie's blog because she is super real, funny and well, sassy! I also enjoy that Allie writes about science and literature, makes awesome playlists and compiles great stuff from around the web. You can find Allie on Facebook and of course bloglovin', but first read her interview below and check out her top three favorite posts!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog:
Hey y'all! My name's Allie. I hail from freezing Minnesota, but now I split my days (school year/summer) between North Carolina and the shores of Lake Michigan. I'm always listening to music--my tastes range from woodsy folk to Macklemore to the Freelance Whales (who rock my socks off) to 60s surf rock. I think dinosaurs are the coolest thing ever--whale sharks and jellyfish tie for second. I like being under trees, with sarcastic people and asleep. 
Call Me Sassafras is a celebration of being yourself. In the process, I blog about everything that makes me unique! I blog about books that I can't stop thinking about, songs I can't get out of my head, science bits that fascinate me and a plethora of thoughts that pour out of my crazy imagination. 

Why do you blog?
I blog because of the acceptance I find here. With so many people on the internet, I'm bound to find someone else who thinks sharks are the shiz. Blogging gives me a community of ladies that I love and who love me in return--even if it's not in the usual way. Blogging also gives me a voice. I'm very social with people that I know in love, but I'm such an introvert also. This way, I make connections with other people but I also manage my social anxiety. 

What inspires you?
I'm inspired by people who do their own thing, even if it's in a small way. I love Amanda's blog because she blogs so much about ice cream--I don't know anyone else who does that, and that's just awesome! 

What are 3 random things about you?
1. I'm currently planning a big trip for next June. The options: Iceland, Costa Rica or Thailand. Have an opinion or another suggestion? Let me know!
2. I recently threw a Great Gatsby-themed dinner party with friends on my back lawn. You can see pictures here! It was super classy.
3. Call Me Sassafras came from a nickname my longtime boyfriend gave me when I was being sassy. (I'm Sassafras; he's Sasquatch).

3 Favorite Posts:

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