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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Roasted Carrot Hummus

I love making hummus. It's so easy, and having something to dip veggies in definitely motivates me to eat them. I saw roasted carrot hummus on a menu a while back and the idea randomly popped back into my head a few days ago. I love how it turned out! Definitely tastes like hummus, but the carrots add just a little sweetness.

With football season upon us, this makes for a great football party dish that you don't have to feel guilty about. I'm not a huge football fan, but any reason to get together with friends to eat and drink together is fine by me! Plus, the Seahawks look like they might be pretty good this year and I'm a total fair-weather fan (no shame).

What do you like bringing to football parties? I'm attending one tomorrow and would love some more ideas!

Roasted Carrot Hummus
8 oz. carrots, roasted
15 oz. canned chickpeas or garbanzo beans
approx. 1/4 cup liquid from the can of chickpeas
1 1/2 tbs. tahini
2 tbs. olive oil
2 small garlic cloves, roughly chopped
Juice from half of lemon
1/2 tsp salt
fresh ground pepper

1. First, roast your carrots. You can use whole baby carrots  or chopped large carrots. Place on a cookie sheet and lightly cover with olive oil. Season with just a bit of salt, plenty of fresh ground pepper and a bit of rosemary (optional). Cook at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes, or until soft to the touch.
2. In a blender or food processor add carrots, chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and water from the can of chickpeas. Blend until smooth, adding a little bit more liquid if needed. Add salt and pepper. Top with a bit of olive oil, and enjoy!

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