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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Favorite Find of the Moment

  Do you have a favorite place to find vintage goodies? Here in Bellingham there are plenty of college kids scouring the thrift stores, so Goodwill and Value Village are usually pretty picked over. One of my favorite places to shop is Labels, a local consignment store in town. The prices are reasonable, and new stuff is always coming in so I rarely leave empty handed.

  I found this vintage coat a few weeks ago, and can't wait to wear it more this winter. I think my favorite part other than the chevron piping on the front and back, is the hood! Having to carry around an umbrella can be a drag. Not to mention, carrying an umbrella in Washington is a no-no. Seriously, people might scoff at you if you have one. I still do all the time...I can't let the rain dictate what I wear everyday but I hate walking around with wet hair. So scoff away fellow Washingtonians. See if I care! Plus, umbrellas are adorable.

 Coat: thrifted
Blouse: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Urban Oufitters
Earrings: thrifted
Tights: Target
Shorts: Gap. Although you can't see them, I assure you I'm wearing pants.


  1. I think I officially want to raid your closet...

    I love everything about this outfit! <3

    a cup of subtle tea

  2. That coat really is BEAUTIFUL! And I hear wear you're coming from with the umbrella thing, I used to live in WA and you really just never know.

  3. LOVE this outfit and LOVE your blog! But seriously, this outfit is so topnotch. I've been eyeing those shoes from Urban for so long now! This post might just inspire me to finally go through with buying them :) I'm a new follower, and will definitely be keeping up!


  4. absolutely adorable. i love your blog layout, can i ask a few questions about it?


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