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Friday, November 4, 2011

 Hope your weekend is great! I will be workin' and studyin'! Only four more weeks of the quarter...that thought excites me, but stresses me out as well.

 As graduation becomes closer everyday, part of me wonders if I chose the right path. Don't get me wrong, I love psychology. I have always been fascinated by the behaviors and thoughts of others. I also want my career to be one in which I have a positive impact on individuals and my community. But as graduation becomes increasingly tangible, I become more and more doubtful of the choice I have made. Why didn't I take a risk by going to culinary school, or pursuing something more creative?

  I feel so fortunate to have been born with so many resources and opportunities. Being able to go to college is something few people are able to do, and I feel so lucky to have received such an amazing education. But I have been a student my whole life, and am scared to no longer carrying that title.

Part of me wants to go to graduate school, but I'm not sure if it is because I truly want to, or because I feel like I have to. I'm afraid a bachelors degree in psychology might not carry much weight in this job market. The thought of another two years of graduate school is both comforting and head-ache inducing. Comforting in the fact that I will still be a student and able to get a good job, and head-ache inducing in that I'm feeling a worn out. Then of course there is the cost factor of furthering my education.

As of now, I'm trying to not let this doubt bother me. I can see light at the end of the tunnel that is my undergraduate education, and overall I feel like my future looks pretty bright.


  1. Hey :) I was in your same exact boat a few years ago. I graduated with a degree in psychology and knew I wanted to go into something where I could help people and still be creative. I found occupational therapy and realized it combined psych, helping people, creativity, and fun. I got my masters in Occupation Therapy and have been working as an OT for 2 years now. I'm really happy with the career I chose, and feel like I'm making a positive difference in the world :)

    Maybe you should check out OT.

    and congrats on your upcoming graduation :)

  2. I will definitely look into that! Thank you :]!

  3. Hey I love your blog! Can I ask you some questions about your design?

  4. Sure, ask away! If you want you can ask via a comment, or if you'd rather email me you can do that as well :]. My email is

    -Amanda K.


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