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Monday, November 21, 2011

   This weekend was a good one; I went home and spent some time with my mom and sister on Saturday. I feel so lucky to have such an awesome family. My mom wanted to go see sister and I agreed. We sat next to each other to share occasional eye rolls and giggles. It was better than the past movies...still pretty ridiculous though. Sorry Twilight fans...I'm sure the books are better, but man those movies are awful. I think I saw Kristin Stewart smile in this one though, so her acting is improving! Can't say the same for shark boy though.

My mom and I dropped my brother off at a friend's house on the Tulalip reservation. He lives right on the water, with a beautiful view. I was so mad at myself for not bringing my camera. I did take a few with my camera, and while the picture isn't good, the view is still amazing.

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