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Monday, March 19, 2012

lazy monday

  The picture above pretty much summarizes my day. And although it's not over yet, I think it's safe to say today has been awesome. Spring break, please never leave me. I have spent nearly the entire day (save a quick trip to the supply store for hair dye) in my pajamas, reading Game of Thrones. I am so close to being done, and can't wait to start the next book!

    Adding to today's awesomeness was a Birchbox! I have been receiving them for about four months now, and they have gotten increasingly better. You can read about the first one I got here. I was pretty bummed with the service at that point, but decided to give it another month. I'm glad I did, because I have gotten to try some great products. If you are thinking about trying Birchbox, I would recommend doing so. Keep in mind that some months are better than others!

   Here are a few highlights from the box I received today:

Two Kusmi green tea bags. I gave this tea a try today and really loved it. Green tea is one of my favorites, and it was the perfect addition to my lounging party.

 A generous amount of Miss Jessie's Quick Curls. I have wavy hair, so I am always looking for a product to add definition, but not weigh my hair down. Can't wait to give this a try!

 A sample of three eye shadows from Stila. I have never tried Stila eyeshadows before, and these colors are right up my alley. 

 Tomorrow I need to be productive, but I only have a few more days to read this book! Gotta finish it tomorrow, so I can start on the next. I don't work for the next three days, which is pretty amazing. When school is in session I feel like I go nonstop, so these next few days are much needed.

  Also, Kate from Katelyn Brooke Designs featured my new layout made by Hannah! It was a really fun process creating the layout, so hearing such nice things about the end result feels pretty amazing. Kate is a designer herself, and has created some really lovely layouts! You can head over to the post here, and then hop over to Kate's other blog, Stripes and Polka Dots

  Oh, and for all you fellow Pacific Northwest bloggers, the Pacific Northwest Blogger Meetup was announced! I did not go last year (cause you know...I wasn't a blogger then), and I would really love to make it this year.Trouble is it's down in Portland, and I won't be done with the quarter so I don't really see it happening. Maybe though! Anybody planning on attending?


  1. I am in the middle of reading Game of Thrones too! Such a great series and HBO is doing a great job with it too! Happy to have found a new Washington blogger and Bellingham-ite too!

    1. Isn't it great? I'm usually not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, but I can't get enough! Definitely agree, HBO has done a great job! I see you're in Seattle now, did you live in Bellingham before?

  2. Hi, glad to see you got to reading Game of Thrones.I still have 1000 pages of another book to go before I can start! Are you going to try and read book two before the series comes out? Ax

    1. We will see! It's going to be close, considering it starts on the 1st and school will be starting again next week. I'm going to try though!

  3. Sounds like you are indeed having a lovely spring break so far. I adore those days of doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying yourself. Here's to the rest of your week!

  4. I am soooooooooo glad I found your blog. I just recently got my first Birchbox and when I opened it, I wasn't happy... and was neither mad. I was ... kinda shocked at how small the samples were and I saw how others received a little bit more than me. Then I read what you said... that other months are better sometimes.. or something like that. LOL Now I think I will continue with Birchbox! I did my personal review on it the other day if you feel like reading!

    Love the blog by the way. I followed!


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