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Sunday, June 24, 2012

instagram sunday

My first Instagram post! Oh how exciting!
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Left to right (top to bottom) 
1. Bellingham clearly has not gotten the message that summer is here. It was POURING yesterday. 
2. My cactus collection!
3. LOVING Fiona Apple's new album. I cannot stop listening to it.  
 4. Yogurt cookies! Still enjoying these guys. They have gotten so soft!
5. Reading and enjoying a popsicle outside. The weather was warm, but cloudy. Who needs the sun anyway? 
6. Tommy's first show with his band, The Social Schema
 7. Statue outside Whole Foods in Seattle. 
 8. Mini mousse cups at my Clinique class! So cute and yummy.
9. Clinique training is always fun, and the food at the Pan Pacific Hotel is always amazing!
10. Tulalip tribe singing and rowing a canoe in Tulalip Bay.
11. Visited the driving range with my mom and brother for the first time. Definitely not going pro anytime soon.
12. Hush. Poster in my sister's room. 

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