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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

zigzags & coral

Dress: Bar III (Macy's)
Blouse: Coincidence and Chance (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes: Lucky Brand (Macy's)
Necklace: (Macy's)

      Today Tommy and I are going to see Moonrise Kingdom, I can't wait! Have you seen it? The cast is amazing and Wes Anderson always delivers, so I'm looking forward to it. Our local theater also started allowing beer inside to drink while you watch. In my experience, good beer has always improved my cinema adventures.

    I wore this dress while lounging around the house yesterday. It was the perfect dress for reading, tidying up, responding to emails and watching True Blood. I could really get used to only working part time with no school.

    Are there any amazing Apps that I need to have? I have been loving VSCO CAM, Family Feud (haha...yeah) and Bump. Oh, and Twitter. I have finally joined the Twitter club! You can find me @AmandaKbybay. I have two whole tweets so far! :)


  1. I love this outfit- it's not something you see on everyone else- and I have never heard of a theater before that allows alcohol! Your town sounds so interesting and exciting!-Jessica

  2. That skirt is perfect. You have such a lovely blog :)

  3. i LOVED moonrise kingdom! i had to drive a bit to see it but it was well worth it. the theater showing it back in my town seels beer and wine and sushi and cupcakes. i miss that theater! your dress is really beautiful, and i love the coral top with it!

    <3 katherine

  4. love this outfit, and loving your GORGEOUS mermaid hair! so long & perfect!
    and I want to see that movie so bad--it must be playing at the Pickford then? I need to go asap.

  5. i am obsessed with that necklace! how long ago did you get it?

  6. This outfit is amazing, I LOVE the zig zag stripe dress with the scalloped edge blouse over it :) so pretty!

  7. I love this outfit. You look stunning.
    And your hair!!! So cute.

  8. This outfit is awesome! I love the zig zags. Very pretty :] I want to see Moonrise Kingdom so badly. Hope you enjoyed it.

  9. Super cute, not sure if I could pull it off though..but with your awesome long red hair, you definitely rock that skirt

  10. I love that dress, you styled it so beautifully. Ok I've been wanting to see Moonrise Kingdom so bad, you will have to tell us what you think!

  11. Wait your cinema lets you bring your own bear!!?? beer makes movies movies imo! You look amazing! that orange looks amazing on you! xx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips


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