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Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY: Fridge Frames

Here is a super easy DIY to spruce up your fridge!

What you will need:
  • Picture frame (old, vintage, new...whatever kind you want to use!)
  • Magnet strips -or- round magnets
  • Super glue
  • Scissors
The kind of picture frame you use doesn't really matter. Although, the frame will work best if it's not too heavy (unless you have very strong magnets), and if the back has a flat surface on which to glue your magnet strips or round magnets. I made this mistake with the frame I painted yellow, the back didn't have enough space to glue with magnets without them being seen from the front. I got my frames from the thrift store, and painted them to add some color.

 I decided to paint my smaller round frame a bright yellow, and added a bit of blue to my square frame.

If you're using magnet strips, cut them to fit your frame.

Glue magnet strips to the back of the frame.

For my round frame, I had to take a slightly different and more time consuming approach. I cut the magnet strips into little squares, and glued them around the back. I also threw some round magnets on there for good measure.
A TIP: Try to avoid these types of frame. The back had such a small area to glue the magnets, that it made it very difficult to glue them. You can see that a few magnets are barely holding on. This frame still worked fine, it was just a little tricky. In the end, you could also slightly see the magnets from the front. Learn from my mistakes :].

Let dry overnight and hang!


  1. i left a comment here a few days ago but i wasn't sure if it went through. now i see that it definitely did not. booooo.

    anyway - i just wanted to say how adorable these are! you have inspired me to do the same, very soon! so cute.


  2. Thank you! You definitely should, they are so easy!


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