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Friday, September 28, 2012

olloclip: macro lens

A few days ago, Tommy surprised me with an olloclip, and I have been loving it! An olloclip is a small, three-in-one lens clip for your Iphone. The clip includes a macro lens, wide angle as well as a fish-eye lens. One of the really cool things about the olloclip is you can use it with instagram, vscocam, or any other app you love!

I have only been playing with the clip for a few days, but I have been having so much fun with the macro lens! Macro photography has always been something I wanted to try, but was out of reach due to the hefty costs of macro lenses. I feel like the clip is worth the price because of the macro lens alone! 

Yes, the photos are a little grainy and you need an extremely steady hand in order to focus. But looking at stuff through a microscope is so awesome! I went out into my yard and went exploring, it's amazing how different everything looks with a macro lens!

Do you have an olloclip? What do you think of it?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Oh hey blogging world, remember me?

Things have been a bit busy around here, and when I've had spare time I have been super lazy.  Sometimes instead of creating a post, I just want to watch How I Met Your Mother while eating rice cakes. What can I say, I simply live a very glamorous lifestyle.

Moving along, I'm looking for a few more sponsors for the month of October! I have four spots open, and would love to have you! Check out my sponsor page for more details or email me at

Here is little peak into what I have been up to lately!

Top to bottom, left to right. find me @amandakerz

1. Simple and lovely bouquets at Brittney's wedding. 
2. Adna, Washington.
3. Antiquing of course!
4. I had to chuckle when I noticed a theme in my "reminders."
5. Sleepy Atticus. He is getting so big!
6. Started my day off with a margarita. Yuum!
7. Tommy and I spent some time with his family at his grandpa's house. His grandpa has some great antique furniture, I especially love this ottoman!
8. A little ocean collection at Tommy's grandpa's house.
9. Lots of soup and salad on my lunch breaks.
10. My mom and I at my cousins wedding.
11. Tommy surprised me with an ollo clip, and I have been having so much fun with the macro lens! Post about this coming soon.
12. See what I mean about feeling lazy? Breakfast in bed. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

sleep walking

dress: consigned
shoes: charlotte rouse
necklace: consigned 

Today Tommy and I went and saw Sleep Walk With Me, staring and directed by Mike Birbiglia. I have been a big fan of his stand up for a long time, and have even met him twice. So when I saw his movie was playing in Bellingham, I had to take advantage of it! Long story short, if you haven't seen it and it's playing in your city, GO SEE IT! It was so funny, but also very honest and a little sad.

If you haven't seen or heard about the film, it's about a guy who starts sleep walking and it begins to have an impact on his relationship. This is actually a horrible synopsis, you should just go see it.  I used to sleep walk every now and then when I was younger. One of the more traumatizing pathetic sleep walking incidents involved me going into my moms room and crying because I didn't know how to play my recorder. was a big deal at the time.

I'm a little surprised this dress hasn't made its way on to the blog yet, because it's one of my favorites. It's just so comfortable! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

true blue

Top: Forever21
Skirt: Francesca's 
Shoes: Lucky
Earrings: Consigned

Yes, there is a lot of blue going on in this outfit. But I think it works and...well, this is my blog. So, it's happening. Haha :). I feel like the different shades, patterns and textures make it work. Tommy and I took these photos at a little park right down the road. Why we had never been to this park before, I'm not sure!

I have the day off today, and so far I have spent it drinking coffee in bed while listening to Tommy watch football in the living room. I'm thinking about heading down to the bookstore today. Any suggestions? I have been reading The Game of Thrones series, but the next book is only in hardcover and I don't really want to pay $30. So, I'm looking for something new. I have heard Gone Girl is really good, have you read it?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

hair chop

I went for the big chop! Five inches according to my hairdresser, although friends think it was much more than that. So I'm guessing it around 6 to 7. It feels so light and bouncy and when I washed it, I used such a small amount of shampoo...yay!

I needed the change, and I'm really glad I went to Lisa at Honey Salon, she was so sweet and easy to talk to. Oh, and I love my haircut!

Friday, September 14, 2012

St. Sophia's Bellingham Greek Festival

I love me some Greek food. This may have something to do with my undying love for feta cheese and grilled meat. Yes, undying love.

So when the St. Sophia Greek Festival rolls into town, Tommy and I are there. This year we just skated in during the last 30 minutes and scarfed down a gyro, dolmas, spanakopita and loukoumades. Great success! 
Can't wait to do it all over again next year!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brittney and Adam's wedding

 Last Saturday, my good friend Brittney got married to her boyfriend Adam. These two grew up in a small town, and have known each other since kindergarden. How cute is that!? Because of this, it seemed so fitting that they got married in their hometown at a family members barn.

Part of me really wishes I grew up in the country; I want an adorable barn wedding! The weather was absolutely perfect, and Brittney looked so beautiful! The newly weds are moving to Portland, so I am very grateful I was able to share their special day with them.

 The reception was full of swing dancing and country fun!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Out and About: Old Town Cafe

So, I'm sure you have figured out that I live on the coast, because of you know...the whole "by the bay," thing. To be more precise, I live in Bellingham, WA. Bellingham is a college town really close to the Canadian border (Vancouver, Canada) and it's a pretty great place to live. It's a unique mesh of college kids, Canadian tourists, and retirees.

 Because of Bellingham's awesomeness, I want to share some of the great places Tommy and I love to visit. This means a new series of posts is born! "Out and About" will feature my favorite restaurants, hang outs, and...well, mostly restaurants probably. I'm sure this will eventually extend to places other than Bellingham, like Seattle.

I'm glad that the first post in this series is Old Town Cafe, a great little place to grab breakfast or lunch in Bellingham. Tommy and I seriously went to Old Town once a week when we first discovered it. The fact that they have huge mimosas doesn't hurt.

Old Town is very interested in using local and organic ingredients. Their walls are always promoting different local artists, and they are accommodating to gluten-free diets, or simply organic only concerns. Their walls are always a rotating showcase of local artists, and the food is delicious. Keep in mind it is a "get your own water,'" kind of place, so don't expect the waiters to dote on you. But honestly, I don't mind.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Turkey meatballs with spinach & olives

You know on Top Chef, when they have a "quick fire challenge" and the chefs have to come up with a dish in a limited amount of time, with limited ingredients? When I haven't gone grocery shopping in a while, making dinner feels like a quick fire challenge. There's a random collection of food in my fridge, and only so much time I'm willing to dedicate to cooking dinner.

I whipped up these delicious little morsels last night, when I had a modge-podge of ingredients in my fridge. Why have I never put olives in meatballs before? Ahhh, so good.

You need:
1 package ground turkey
Handfull of olives (I used kalamata)
2 cups raw spinach
1 egg
1 tbs bread crumbs
salt &pepper

1. Cook spinach on medium heat until it cooks down. Place in large bowl.
2. Mix in raw ground turkey. Cut olives in half and stir in.
3. Add egg yolk, and bread crumbs.
4. Add seasonings to taste. Stir.
5. Wet hands, and form mixture into balls. Place onto heated and oiled skillet. Let cook until brown, and then flip. Add a little water and cover. Let cook for about 5 minutes. Flip again to make sure they cook evenly.
6. Eat! I used mine for spaghetti, but they would also be delicious inside a pita or on a salad!

Monday, September 3, 2012

lately, on instagram

Here's a peak into what my life has looked like lately, via instagram. You can find me @amandakerz

Top to bottom, left to right:
1. Tea & honey. 
2. Sleepy kitty! 
3. Went down to Seattle for my Clinique class.
4. Learning about the new Clinique products for fall!
5. An awesome piece of artwork inside the Pan Pacific Hotel in Seattle.
6. Went out and got some drinks downtown. Loved the reflection of this chandelier.
7. Atticus sat and watched Project Runway like this for about 10 minutes.
8. Cupcakes I made for Tommy's birthday.
9. Had some wine and cheese at The Temple Bar.
10. Tommy didn't want anybody to see his girly drink.
11. Our neighbor's apple tree.
12. Thriftin'.