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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Out and About: Old Town Cafe

So, I'm sure you have figured out that I live on the coast, because of you know...the whole "by the bay," thing. To be more precise, I live in Bellingham, WA. Bellingham is a college town really close to the Canadian border (Vancouver, Canada) and it's a pretty great place to live. It's a unique mesh of college kids, Canadian tourists, and retirees.

 Because of Bellingham's awesomeness, I want to share some of the great places Tommy and I love to visit. This means a new series of posts is born! "Out and About" will feature my favorite restaurants, hang outs, and...well, mostly restaurants probably. I'm sure this will eventually extend to places other than Bellingham, like Seattle.

I'm glad that the first post in this series is Old Town Cafe, a great little place to grab breakfast or lunch in Bellingham. Tommy and I seriously went to Old Town once a week when we first discovered it. The fact that they have huge mimosas doesn't hurt.

Old Town is very interested in using local and organic ingredients. Their walls are always promoting different local artists, and they are accommodating to gluten-free diets, or simply organic only concerns. Their walls are always a rotating showcase of local artists, and the food is delicious. Keep in mind it is a "get your own water,'" kind of place, so don't expect the waiters to dote on you. But honestly, I don't mind.


  1. ohh cool place! The plate that you are eating on has a rod and a fisher(maybe) on. I want such a plate! :)

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  2. i love this post! my husband's best friend moved to bellingham a year ago to work for logos and i am interested to learn a little more about the town because we haven't been able to come visit him yet!

  3. What a cute feature on a local restaurant! I love seeing awesome local places :)

  4. Also, I couldn't resist, but give you a little liebster award. You can check it here (, if you want to participate in this chain award thing. Probably you will have many things to do, so I thought that assigning you with one more would be a great idea :)

  5. i like the 'get your own water' type of places. this looks great - like a nice local place you could go to every day

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. This cafe looks so nice and cosy! I'm such a cafe tart, on my days off (from making coffees at a cafe!) my husband and I always try out new cafes. I love seeing what other cafes are doing, its such a culture when you get right into it. I'd really like to open a similar laid back feeling cafe to this. Looking forward to more of your 'out & about' posts!


  7. Looks like a fantasticly gorg day! Excited to follow you on Twitter :). Your blog is fantastic! Happy to know you and follow along with whatever other great things you come up with. Keep up the great work sista!

  8. Awesome little cafe! Found you from your ad on Pulchritudefest blog and I think you are lovely and your pictures are lovely. New follower!
    Kristin @


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