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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a tale of forgotten fashion


   When I buy a garment, I do so with the intent of wearing it. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Sometimes a purchase sits in my closet, just waiting for the day when I will walk out the door with it on. Don't get me wrong, this lonely piece of clothing gets plenty of action inside the house. It usually gets paired with about a dozen different tops, bottoms and accessories, just trying to find the perfect combination. But why doesn't it ever get a taste of the outside world?

    Well, it depends on the article of clothing. Sometimes you try something on in the fitting room, and fall in love. But when you get it home...something changes. Maybe it was the lighting or the tilt of the mirror at the store, but it just doesn't have that magical quality at home. Maybe it was a sales associate or friend who told you how amazing it looked on, but without their pep-talk your confidence waivers. "It's not you it's me," you tell your new blouse.
    Sometimes you get one good wear out of it, wash it, and it totally warps into something ill-fitting and tired looking. This is sometimes the worse of all the scenarios...the first time was great, and it will never happen again. For me, most often than not, these items that sit in my closet are fashion risks or splurges. Something special to jazz up my wardrobe for some special occasion, and that opportunity never arrives.

   Sadly, this is what happened to my Betsey Johnson heels. I purchased them on Ebay thinking I would wear them to prom. But then I got them. The heels were much taller than anticipated, and the hot pink soles with no traction were intimidating. The thought of wearing them all night seemed daunting and painful. So, they sat in my closet. They even became a piece of art at one point, sitting upon a shelf in my dorm room.

  It's silly, but I kinda feel bad for them. Yes...the shoes. I know it's crazy! But they are not living to their full potential just sitting in my closet. Some hipper, more fashion-daring girl could be sporting them all around town if it wasn't for me holding them back. But just the thought of wearing these in my everyday life makes me chuckle. I picture myself tripping on the wet campus bricks, as people in sweat pants and NorthFace jackets walk by, wondering what crazy train I got off of.

  So, what to do with them? Keep them until that special day when I'll have an occasion to sport these babies? Sell them on Ebay? Continue to simply glance at them on the top shelf of my closet?

  What do you do with these pieces of forgotten fashion in your closet?


  1. I think those shoes are cutttteeee. :) How said that you can't wear them. I think ebay is definitely the way to go

    Cute blog you have here.. I'm your newest follower :)

  2. I love them as well...they are just not practical unfortunately :[.

    Thank you! I followed you back :]!


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