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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

give me a (winter) break

    The days are getting short; I had planned on doing this outfit post outside, and by 5pm it was already dark. Losing daylight is one of the few things I hate about fall and winter.

Blouse: thrifted
Pants: Delias (see note below)
Jacket: Delias
Belt & Scarf: Delias
Earrings: Urban Outifitters 

Note about Delias: The reason I have a lot of clothes from Delias is because I worked there for a year as a supervisor. It was my first management position, and it was the worst job experience I have ever had. The company is terrible. They do not care about their employees at all and while some of the clothing is cute, most of it is not well made. I was so stressed out from working there, I started to lose my hair and would break out in hives whenever my skin was scratched. Since this horrible experience, I do not give them anymore of my money. I honestly wanted to lie and write all the items above were from somewhere else, just so they didn't get any kind of advertising. Avoid shopping at Delias. You can find the same quality and style from lots of other places.

Officially on Thanksgiving break! Although "break," is kind of a joke with Black Friday and so many things to do school wise. Winter break is where it's at. I can't wait to share my family's annual Christmas cookie baking marathon and finish my chair redo!

Things to do while on Winter break:
  • finish chair redo
  • read The Devil in the White City
  • visit Seattle
  • rearrange room
  • start doing yoga again
  • drink more tea
  • get passport
  • get ready for photojournalism class next quarter!
  • go to a few estate sales
  • figure out plans for new years eve!
  • finish gift shopping
  • take a nap every now and then
  • go see My Week with Marilyn


  1. Wow. That is crazy!! And good to know. I actually had ordered something from them 5 yrs ago and returned it, forgot about it, and just last year got a gift card compensating me for it... It took them 4 years to "refund" me. So I guess I'm not surprised. You look super cute though. Love the red lips!
    I'm having a giveaway right now and would love if you entered missy!

  2. Such an amazing blouse! and lovely blog!
    P.S. you suit red lips so well!

  3. Sounds like a good plan! Devil in the White City is creepy but sooo good. Let me know how you like it.


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