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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Missed the Ark

  I love unicorns. When I was little I my mom bought me a stuffed unicorn who I named Moonbeam. I carried her around with me everywhere. One year on a trip back home from California, we somehow left her at the hotel. There was no way I was going to survive the rest of my young years without her, so we drove two hours back to get her.

   I fed my unicorn obsession with numerous viewings of The Last Unicorn , Lisa Frank and of course just hours of pretend. My dad used to tell me a story about when he was a boy, he was climbing a tree when he looked down and saw a unicorn walking through the forest. He jumped from the tree onto its back and rode the unicorn all day long. Of course this story earned my dad too many awesome points to even count.

When I see a product with a unicorn on it...I usually don't leave without it. Do you have an animal (mythical or not) that you just can't get enough of? Here are a few of my favorite uni things!

 I must own this print! Unicorns AND the ocean. Yes and yes. Find it here.

 I know what I will be decorating my tree with this year! Find these unicorn ornaments at ModCloth.

 Jessie Oleson at Cakespy makes some really awesome cards, totes, shirts and magnets featuring cupcakes, unicorns and other cute things.

 This mounted unicorn is so adorable! Buy it here. Of course I do not approve of the slaying of unis.

I know what my future kid is going to be for Halloween! Or maybe just everyday. This particular hat isn't for sale anymore, but you can check out the shop here.

This dainty unicorn necklace is something I would wear all the time. Find it here.

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