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Monday, December 19, 2011

Puppy love

    Sweatshirt: TNA (from Aritzia)
Skirt: Lily White (from Nordstrom)
 Tights: Hue (from Macy's)
Shoes: Aldo
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Betsey Johnson

   So, there's a problem with this puppy. It's too adorable. I just want to squeeze her...probably harder than I should. Tommy and I puppy sat for Amber on Friday night (shhh, don't tell my landlords). We had a lot of fun snuggling on the couch, going for a walk and playing with her toys. I was pretty sad to see that little wiggly pup go. But Christmas is in just a few days (ahhh!), so I will get to see her again.

   I can't believe Christmas is getting so close. Although, work has definitely gotten busier and has been a lot stranger than usual. The large amount of short-tempered and demanding customers is a good indicator on how close Christmas is. I can sympathize in a lot of ways, the holidays are stressful. And while cheer and good tidings are's exhausting!

   So everybody, please take a deep breath. Buy some nice, modest presents. Eat some good food, and enjoy the company of others. If we let the holidays get the best of us, then really...what's the point?


  1. Oh my gosh the last photo of the dog in the sweater is PRECIOUS! Absolutely love your scarf by the way = )


  2. That pup does have a serious problem! So adorable :)

    As is your outfit :) (Well not a problem, just adorable!)

    a cup of subtle tea


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