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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel

Okay, we all know how cute and adorable Zooey Deschanel is. But sometimes I get a little tired of all the quirky cuteness. I just feels a little overdone sometimes. For example, I enjoy her show New Girl, but cannot stand the intro. It's too much cheesy cuteness. Sometimes just her character in general is a little too much for me.

I was excited to watch her on SNL, and see her play some different characters. By far my favorite was her sketch with Abbey Elliot, "Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel," in which Zooey played Mary-Kate Olsen. It was so perfect! I loved that she was able to laugh at herself. If you didn't get a chance to see it, you gotta. The guy playing Michael Cera was perfect!


  1. hahahahahahhahahahaha!!!! "I just happened to catch a slight breeze that brought me all the way here."

    "I even made an extra hole for all of it's hopes and dreams"

    1. Kristin Wiig was such a good Bjork!

    2. I've come back multiple times to watch this. I love it do much. Hasha!

  2. LOLLLZZ! That was so funny! Kristin Wiig is always so funny, and Zooey makes a good MK.
    I know what you mean about her quirky cuteness, I really like her but sometimes she seems like it would be impossible for her to play anything but quirky cuteness. Thanks for posting this!


  3. AHHHMAZING! lol :)

    James and I started watching that SNL episode on Hulu, it had a rough start so we gave up. I'm glad you posted this because we loved it!



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