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Friday, June 1, 2012

Recent Pins

Yesterday was my last undergraduate class ever. So, so, so weird! I seriously feel like I was just moving into my dorm. How time flies!

 Here are some of my favorite recent pins. Leave me your pinterest link so I can check out your boards! 

Coconut and raspberry are two of my favorite flavors for dessert, so these are right up my alley!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
This pretty ivy heart is downtown Bellingham. I need to get down there to take some photos of it!

Somebody, please make my hair do this. Thanks! 

Cappuccino popsicles. Must make these this summer.

Adore the cut and print of this dress. Flattering for so many body types.
Feet in the ocean just feels good. 

This patterned clothing rack is so cute! Tommy is making me a rack for my birthday, I'm having such a hard time deciding on how to paint it! 

These photo makes me excited for summer. Can we please just go back to wearing things from this era? 

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
This print is so fun and cheery! I would love to make some pillows with it.
Pastel hair. While I don't think I could ever get this adventurous with my hair, it looks pretty beautiful.


  1. Cappuccino popsicles??? Oh my gosh YES!!

    I love all of these pins!!!!!

  2. Oooo...those cappuccino popsicles look yummy!
    This list is just so full of fun and makes me excited!

  3. i LOVE vintage swimsuits. i wish i lived back then so badly sometimes!


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