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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fiona Apple at the Paramount Theatre

Hands down, Fiona Apple is my favorite musical artist. I have loved her since about 8th grade, and while other artists have fallen of my radar, she continues to amaze me. The last time she toured to Seattle was seven years ago with Damien Rice. It was such a beautiful show, and me and my friends were lucky enough to score second row tickets. So you can bet when I heard she was touring to Seattle again, I jumped on it!

This time I didn't score second row tickets, but it really didn't matter. The show was incredibly powerful, with plenty of older songs from Tidal and When the Pawn, to satisfy the diehard fans. Opening with "Fast As You Can," Fiona started strong and didn't let up. It's amazing how such a voice can come from such a little woman! I was also happy the show was at the Paramount Theatre, because it's such a beautiful venue.

Originally we had planned on getting up early, and spending the day in Seattle. Unfortunately, these plans didn't work out. We first had to stop at Tommy's parents house, then mine, and by that time we didn't head down to Seattle until late. Got stuck in traffic for about an hour (yuck), so by the time we got downtown we had about an hour before the doors opened. Just enough time for a few appetizers and drinks!

Here's a short video I took, I hate being the person with their phone out the entire concert, so I made it quick!

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