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Sunday, July 8, 2012

instagram sunday

This week was my last part time week, and as of tomorrow I will be working full-time. It's bitter sweet. More money, less time. But hey, can't really complain. Here are some pictures from this week!
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Top to bottom (left ro right)

1. I love all the fresh fruit during summer, especially cherries! Give me sun, a good book, and a bowl of cherries and set.
2. I have been working on my clothing rack on and off, it's finally almost done. Painting can be time consuming, especially when you're almost finished and then scruff the paint. Gaaahhh.
3. This little elephant sits on our shelves in the kitchen, and decided to take a tumble and break. Luckily, it was nothing that a little superglue couldn't fix!
4. Lemon!
5. Sparklers are the only fireworks I truly care about. When I was little I used to pretend to be a fairy with a magic wand, twirling and whirling my sparker around. 
6. The weather FINALLY started to turn around on Wednesday, and has been so beautiful ever since! Summer is finally here in western Washington. Yay!
7. Long exposure and sparklers! I took this photo using the MyShutter app. The app is pretty "meh," but this photo turned out pretty neat.
8. Blueberry pie. Ice cream. 'Murica!
9. Coconut calamari with fresh mangos, red onions and arugula. Some of the best calamari ever, so fresh and tasty!
10. Tommy and I participated in art walk, and purchased a few screen printed cards. Loved this one about the founding funny!


  1. love that elephant! too bad he took a fall!

  2. i hate painting! i can only imagine painting a wardrobe to be terrible. and that screen printed card is so funny

  3. You have such a beautiful instagram! :)


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