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Monday, February 11, 2013

Homemade Almond Milk

While juice cleansing, I was itching for something a little rich and creamy. I also wanted to get some protein. I had seen plenty of juice cleaning companies that included almond milk, so I decided to try making it. I was surprised how easy it was, you don't even need a juicer!

Recipe from Frugally Sustainable 
You need:
1 cup raw almonds
Water for soaking
4 cups filtered water
*vanilla, spice and sweetener optional

1. Place almonds in a large bowl and cover with water. Let almonds soak up to 48 hours, or overnight. The almonds will absorb the water, making them larger and softer. I soaked mine overnight and they were perfect.

2. Thoroughly rinse almonds, and discard the soaking water. Place almonds in blender, along with 4 cups of fresh water.

3. Blend together until the mixture becomes frothy and contains no large almond chunks (1-2 minutes)

4. Place mesh strainer over a large bowl, and put cheesecloth over strainer. Slowly pour mixture through cheesecloth/strainer. Squeeze the cheesecloth to get out all possible milk.

5. Add sweetener/vanilla/spices as desired. I added a few dashes of pumpkin spice. Yum!
6. Store milk in an airtight container (I used a mason jar) and place in fridge for up to 3 days.


  1. Oh how I wish I had a blender! Thank you for sharing, I really want to try this. :)

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