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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Juice Cleanse: Day 2

End of day two, and it has been rough. I've read that day two is the worst, and those people weren't lying. I was able to sleep in again this morning, and took full advantage of sleeping rather than thinking about food. When I finally got up around 10:30, I wasn't hungry at all. I felt really alert and motivated to get some things done.

I drank my first juice which consisted of one cucumber, lots of spinach and two satsuma oranges. Not the tastiest of juices, but I wanted my juices to consist of more veggies today. I started cleaning my room and doing laundry because I felt pretty energized, but also because I didn't want to watch Tommy eat his egg sandwich.

I continued cleaning, took a shower, got dressed and did my hair/makeup. By this time it was about two hours since my first juice and I started feeling some pretty severe hunger pangs. Juice time! I drank a slightly smaller glass of juice with half a cucumber, lots of spinach, half of an apple and one quarter pineapple.

This held me over for about, oh...and hour. Whoever says, "Juice is so satisfying! I wasn't even hungry during my juice cleanse!" is a big fat liar. I simply don't believe them, unless they consider some apple juice lunch. "Wow, that apple juice really filled me up." SAID NOBODY, EVER.

I drank my third juice around 5:30, along with some green tea and lots of water. Soon after I started feeling pretty tired, a little dizzy and just kinda out of it. I started to seriously consider stopping the cleanse and eating a salad or even some broth. But after reading about how the second day is the worst and the third day is much better...I'm sticking to it. It's about 7:30 now as I write this, and I'm still feeling kinda icky. Time for more juice I guess, *sigh* (Update: after my fourth juice of pomegranate, beet, lemon, cucumber and spinach, I felt better. You can see it in my face below. Har har)

If there is one thing I've discovered during this cleanse so far, it's how much food dominates my thoughts. I start thinking about breakfast soon after I wake up, I read food blogs, surf subreddits like "cooking," "food," and "52weeksofcooking," look at food on Pinterest, and start planning dinner in my head hours in advance.

When Tommy and I have days off together (like today) we usually go tot lunch. There were so many times today where I though, "I wish we could go get some lunch! Or a drink! Or even a cup of flippin tea!" But I knew I wouldn't have the will power to sit in a cafe and only order tea.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love food. I love eating it, I love making it, I love thinking about it. I'm not sure if my relationship with food is healthy, but I know I don't want to reverse it completely. That being said, I would like to view food more as fuel rather than an activity. This doesn't mean I want to stop considering cooking as a hobby, or having fun when going out to eat. But I do need to find other things to think about besides going out to eat, making food, eating food, or filling my fridge with food. Bottom line? It's complicated.


  1. Food is always on my mind too, even if I eat quite healthily. Argh. Good job on the cleanse, I don't know if I could do it! :)

  2. I've wanted to try a juice cleanse, but don't have the proper tools to do it or really the ability to drink only liquid. Good job though - the juices actually look really yummy


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