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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blueberry Gin and Tonic

We made it past Monday, and for that, I think we deserve a drink. My Monday consisted of a painfully slow day at work, and waiting for my car to get fixed (needed a new distributor). Dealing with car stuff is the absolute worst, but my day ended with watching Argo and a big ol' bowl of pho, so I think overall it was pretty good. Pho makes everything better.

Ever since making these syrups, I have been whipping up some really yummy cocktails. The first I want to share iss a spin off my favorite drink, the gin and tonic. A splash of blueberry syrup, an extra squirt of lime and some frozen blueberries turn your simple gin and tonic into something a little more fun and tasty.

You Need
3 oz gin
4 oz tonic water
1 tbs fresh lime
1 tbs blueberry syrup (recipe here)

1. Fill glass with several ice cubes. Add gin, lime juice and blueberry syrup.
2. Fill remainder of glass with tonic water, stir to incorporate syrup and garnish with lime wedge.


  1. My favourite drink just upped the ante.

  2. gin and tonics are so popular here! i think i would like them a lot more if there waa blueberry in it

  3. yum! that drink sounds delicious.


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