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Friday, March 22, 2013

third dots a charm

Dress: Nordstrom
Zip up: Nordstrom
Jacket: Target
Earrings: Little Black Bag
Scarf: Target
Shoes: Consigned 

Even though this is my third outfit post in a row including polka dots, I swear I don't wear them everyday. That being said, if I could wear them everyday I probably would! They just make me happy. Do you have any prints that you just can't stay away from? 

I first saw this jacket online and really wanted to order it, but there are just some items that are tricky to buy without trying them on. For me, jackets fit into the "tricky" category. So while I was picking up a plethora of random items at Target, I was lucky enough to spot it! It's the perfect Pacific Northwest jacket because it's lightweight and rain resistant. The weather has been crazy lately (sun one minute, hail the next) so layers are important! 

Tommy and I have been looking to move for a while now. Even though I love our little old house, it has had a lot of problems. Other than craigslist, anybody know of a good website to find rentals? 


  1. When looking for houses James and I have used,, and probably a couple more that I can't think of. Good luck! Finding good rental homes can be hard. We've done it more times than we would have liked.


  2. I totally love your outfit and the polka dot jacket is too adorable!! Good luck with your home search, I agree with Hannah, Hotpads is a great resource!

  3. The jacket is perfect for you! Your outfits are so cute and very "real", if that makes any sense....Good luck finding a home. I certainly understand wanting to live in an older home, but having challenges with it. -Jess L

  4. I love this whole outfit but I am in lovvvvveee with those earrings.

  5. Cuuute outfit! I love red and blue together :)

  6. You're so stinkin' cute. Seriously. Stop it.


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