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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

warming up

Dress: Bar III (Macy's
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: Forver 21
Tights: Target
Boots: Corso Como
Bag: Old Navy
Jacket: Delia's

Uff da! It's been a long day and I'm wiped out. It's that time again at the Clinique counter (gift with purchase!) and while it's fun, it's also extremely exhausting. Today I worked with about 75 clients with no time to stop. It makes the day fly by, but it's really draining. I passed out on Tommy's bed with Atticus around 11, which for me is pretty early. This picture is kinda embarrassing, but also kinda great. New favorite for sure. 

While I was still in go mode yesterday, I talked Tommy into taking some outfit pictures ("Hey baaaabe...wanna go to the park really fast, then go get dinner? eh eh?') and it felt so good to get a ray of sunshine. Sometimes I'm a summer scrooge, but it's the little things like a warm car and iced coffee that remind me that spring/summer are pretty great. 

After snapping these pictures we enjoyed some sushi on a really awkwardly placed table, and I tried saki for the first time. Not bad! Not my first choice, but not bad. We splurged and tried  fried avocado as well, and it was just as good as you might think. 

Anybody else counting down the days till Game of Thrones this Friday? Ahhh! So excited, 


  1. What an adorable dress! I love the cycles & your tights!! Ooo I haven't been for sushi in forever! Maybe it'll be my bf & I's next date night! I have to watch Game of Thrones too! I'm so behind!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I love the last photo so cute! I also love your outfit. The pattern on that dress is adorable!
    Almost Endearing


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