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Friday, May 10, 2013

cat on a leash

Recently, Tommy bought Atticus a leash and harness so we can take him outside to explore the backyard. Yes, we are those people. So far the outdoors has a paralyzing effect on him; he doesn't really care for all the noises,  and he stays off the grass as much as possible (the grass is lava!) by staying on a blanket or a cinder block. Cats are pretty hilarious. Have you ever taken your inside kitty outside? Did he love it or hate it?


  1. When we first let our cat outdoors she acted like she was traumatized. Cried, etc. Eventually she got over it and suddenly loved being outdoors rather than indoors. In less than a month our indoor cat became an outdoor cat! Funny. She still sauntered inside once in awhile, especially if the weather was bad, but 90% of the time she was outside.

  2. This is wonderful. Also, that picture of you is adorable!!

  3. so cute :D I like your blog I'm following you on GFC

  4. Sooooo cute. I feel like I know Atticus irl because I've seen him grow up! Haha maybe I can meet him someday, future Washington blogger friend! ;)

  5. Bfff I cannot take my kitty outside. When I put the leash... he lays on the floor. He hates it, so I let him on the house. When he wants he comes to the balcony to catch some sun and fresh air :)
    Sofia G


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