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Thursday, September 5, 2013

August in Review

Yay, fall is here! August was fun, but I won't lie, I'm really excited it's September. I had my first pumpkin spice latte today, chicken soup is on the stove and it's been raining the past few days. I think fall is my favorite because it's so comforting.

That being said, I will miss the long summer days. Here are a few highlights from August.

Made some awesome thai red curry pizza. So much yum. 

Enjoyed a wine picnic on the bay. Gotta do this more often. 

Met my friend Megan's dog, Hoagie!

Celebrated lots of birthdays, so of course I had to make some cake batter ice cream

Wore black and white patterns with of my favorite color combos. 

Listening:  I have been revisiting Neko Case a lot lately. She has such a lovely voice.
Watching: Breaking Bad of course! We also blew through Orange is the New Black on Netflix in about a week. I can't wait for the next season! Have you read the book? I'm thinking about giving it a try. 
Reading: Uhh...not much really. I was lame in terms of reading this month. Gotta get a new book!

Instagram // 1. Walking around downtown. // 2. On the ferry, looking over the edge. // 3. Stormy clouds and a Bettie Page mural on the side of a house. // 4. Dripping blackberry ice cream! // 5.  Lotsa clocks. // 6. Kale and eggs, one of my favorite breakfasts.

A Few Favorite Posts:

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