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Monday, September 23, 2013

I Dream of Sweden

In 1930 my great grandmother, Astrid, traveled from Sweden to live with her aunt and uncle in Yakima, Washington. She was only 23 at the time and didn't know any of her family living in America, so it was a huge decision. With help from her family and women of the YWCA, Astrid made her way across the country to Washington state. A year later she married a well established farmer in the area, Emil Lovestrand, and they had eight children together including my grandmother.
I have always found her story to be pretty amazing. I can't imagine sailing to a new country to live with relatives I didn't know, and then having to travel across the states without being able to speak English. I'm so thankful for her bravery! 

Being the proud Swede that I am, I have always been inspired by Swedish culture. It's definitely a place I hope to explore one day. Food and design are two of my favorite things, and Sweden does them both very well! How could I not be proud? Here are a few things I love that come from Sweden :)

Pepparkakor cookies // Swedish meatballs

top right // top left // bottom

A few Swedish blogs/sites:

Yay Sweden! Oh, and I had to throw in this crazy picture of my with this huge dala horse in North Dakota. 

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