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Thursday, October 3, 2013

What to Splurge on at the Cosmetic Counter

Working in cosmetics for a few years has exposed me to lots of different cosmetic products. There are so many to choose from, and unfortunately they can get really, really expensive. We all have to budget and prioritize, and now that I've had the opportunity to try quite a few pricier items, I know what I will continue to spend the big bucks on for years to come. Here is what I recommend splurging on when you visit the cosmetic counters!

This is my number one item to splurge on for a few reasons. It's so important to find a formula that is correct for your skin type, and having a person help you in that process is so helpful. There are so many options to consider when it comes to foundation (coverage, spf, oil-free, finish, application, etc), so finding the right one at a drugstore can be tricky.

Also, it's almost impossible to choose the right shade at the drugstore! It might look good in the bottle, but the color always looks different on skin. You can end up spending a lot of money simply trying to find the right color, or you can pay a little more and get it right the first try. Time is money!

Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to healthy skin. It protects skin from environmental aggressors and helps slow down the aging process. I'm not scared of aging or anything, but if I can fight off a few wrinkles, I'm gonna do it! Pricier moisturizers have lots of technology behind them, and there are plenty of options depending on your skin concern. While dropping $50 on a jar of cream might seem like a lot (because it is), those jars last forever and will make a big difference in the future. Gotta be proactive.

Is there anything worse than smudgy eyeliner that doesn't stay in place? Okay yes, there are definitely worse things. But smudgy eyeliner is a bummer. Find one that you love, and then spend the extra few dollars on it. You'll thank yourself when you don't have to wipe black eyeliner off your face. Clinique makes a good one, but if you really feel like splurging, I've also loved eyeliners from Yves Saint Laurent and Smashbox.

If you have never used a serum before, I highly recommend giving one a try. A serum is a lightweight concoction of active ingredients that you apply before a moisturizer. Basically serums give you faster results than moisturizers because the ingredients are more concentrated, but they usually don't moisturize. Use the right one, and serums can change your skin! I've seen what a huge difference they have made in my skins texture, radiance and overall evenness and I'm hooked.

What do you splurge on when it comes to cosmetics/skincare? I'm definitely more likely to drop big bucks when it comes to skincare rather than color products. What about you, what products do you think are worth the extra money? I'd love to hear your input!

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