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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everybody! I hope you it's filled with lots of awesome food, a beer or two, funny commercials and of course, football. No surprise here, but I will definitely be rooting for the Seahawks today, who are you rooting for?

Today is also a special day for me for a few other reasons. Seven years ago today I started dating Tommy. Seven years has certainly flown by, and I can't wait for all the years to come. Today also marks one month until we leave for Iceland! Ahh, I can't wait!

But back to football. Tommy and I have been busy preparing buffalo wings and cheese stuffed jalapenos for the game. Yuumm. So my morning hasn't exactly been lazy, but instead filled with cooking, which is alright by me! If your morning has been a little more relaxed, here are some links to "waste" some time :)

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