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Saturday, July 14, 2012

my clothing rack

    Tommy and I have been together for five years, and recently moved into a place for just the two of us. Previously, we had been living with my friend Kelsey. In our previous house we each had our own bedroom, which some people think is a little strange. But for us, having our own rooms works really well. We each have a lot of stuff, and like to have our own space.

    So when we started looking for a new place, we wanted a two bedroom house. When we found that, we had to decide who would get the slightly larger room. I had the bigger space in our previous house, so this time he took the larger room. Unfortunately for me, this also ment the small closet. Our house was probably built in the 1920's or so, so when I say small closet...I really mean it.

    This closet simply wasn't big enough, even with my dresser. So, Tommy started to build me a clothing rack to accommodate my wardrobe. It's finally done, and I wanted to share the process with you! I love how it turned out!

Here are the materials, minus the paint and primer.

I first primed both the pipes and wood before moving onto painting.

I chose to paint the wood a light blue, and paint the pipes white. I loved the name of the paint, it was called, "Refreshing Pool." My room is full of bold colors, so I wanted the rack to be colorful but light.

I unfortunately didn't get pictures of the assembly, because Tommy did most of it while I was at work. But you guys are smart cookies, so I'm sure you know it took some screws and a drill.


  1. it turned out awesome! you guys did a great job

  2. It turned out great! I definitely know whatcha mean by small closets!



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