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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ups and downs


Dress: Rachel Roy (from Macy's)
Sweater: Old Navy
Scarf: Target
Earrings: Nordstrom
Belt: Delias
Shoes: thrifted

    The past couple days have definitely had their share of ups and downs. On Saturday I had one of the worst days at work ever. I have been working in retail for five years, so I have experienced my fair share of rude customers. Well, my last two customers on Saturday took the cake. Congrats you crazy bitches! You won that contest. At one point one of them told me, "I am the customer, and you are just a salesgirl." Just a salesgirl...who says that to somebody? After being belittled and talked down to for about an hour between these two customers I was finally able to come home, and cry a little. I have never been treated so badly by a customer before, it kinda blew my mind.

    On a more positive note, this quarter is off to a great start. My teachers are all pleasant, I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn on Mon/Wed/Fri, I'm pretty interested in all my classes, and my books haven't cost me a fortune so far. Also, today was the perfect winter rain!

    Oh yes, so about the outfit. This dress is easily becoming on of my new favorites. Probably because it's so comfy and I got it for about $8. Can't beat that, especially when you consider it was $100 originally! The lipstick I am wearing is Sephora's "It Girl," and the nail polish is Zoya's "Noel" that I got in my first Birchbox.

    Also! I'm looking to spruce up the blog a bit design-wise. So if you, or somebody you know does some design work, let me know! 


  1. Your dress and scarf is so pretty, I love your outfit! Those customers are so rude >:(

  2. Oh there are a ton of people who do design work for cheap prices! There's even a free header giveaway at whiskey tango foxtrot right now! And Everyday is a New Adventure, Roots Wings and Other things, and lovely little rants all do blog design for cheap!

    You look SO SO cute!

  3. The red lipstick with the teal scarf is so pretty! Oh, rude customers! I encountered plenty during my retail days. Stay strong out there!

  4. love that dress! at $8, what's not to love?

  5. the detail on your dress is so cool!

    we're au courant

  6. Awesome dress! Also love your fab shoes!!

  7. Awww you look really great in that dress; I love it. And don't listen to those jerks, they are "just" a-holes and should keep their mouths shut!

    Superstition Vintage


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