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Friday, February 10, 2012

What I'm Pinning

Here are some of my favorite recent pins!

This loopy up-do is so cute! Her hair color is great too...makes me miss my blonde.
I love the mixture of these of these patterned drapes. I want to do something like this with green and purple.
The pattern and shape of these heels are great. The pink ribbon detail adds a nice pop of color.
I would love to have this piano sitting in my living room. The color is so great!
I love this color combination, especially against the white walls and table.
Peanut. Butter. Pound cake. Nough said.
This print is so lovely. Very delicate and soft.
These blackberry bars would be great for summer...or anytime :]
I do a subtle cat-eye everyday, but this little bit of gold would be great for something more dramatic.


  1. great pins! i love the drapes and mixing patterns.. i would have never thought of that but it looks so good!! also, that turquoise piano is to die for. i LOVE turquoise.

  2. ummm you've got great style!!! guess what! i got my package today and i needed one today, i was having a bummer down day from work all week. it sure brought a smile to my face! and i'm so excited to try everything in there! xoxo thanks again!

    1. Oh good, I'm so glad! I hope you love everything! :]

  3. I love that kitchen table! so cute :)


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