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Thursday, February 9, 2012

North Coast Gymnastics

   Yikes. I have been a pretty bad blogger lately. I haven't updated in a week, and there are so many posts I haven't been able to read or comment on. I have been so busy that trying to post has been impossible. Lately all I want to do at the end of the day is get in my sweats and be lazy. Today was a nice break from my full days, as I got to hang out with my sister and do some thrift store shopping.

   One of the things keeping me busy has been my photojournalism class. I have really been enjoying the class; every week we have a different photo assignment. This week was "Controlling Motion," so I went down to North Coast Gymnastics, and took some photos of the girls while they practiced.

       These girls were a lot of fun to shoot, and everybody at the academy was very friendly and welcoming. I may have to go back just to get some more practice!


  1. These are incredible :)
    I've always marveled at the strength and practice it takes to be a gymnast. That must have been so much fun!



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