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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out and About: Brandywine Kitchen

I had heard a lot about Brandywine Kitchen, so when Tommy and I realized we had nothing in our house for lunch, we decided to give it a try. Located downtown Bellingham, Brandywine Kitchen's motto is "from seed to plate," and the food definitely speaks to this. Everything we ordered was fresh, well seasoned and very flavorful.

The inside was spacious yet cozy, and I absolutely loved the colorful origami cranes hanging from the front window. The large brick walls are stuffed with small pieces of rolled up paper (the paper which holds the silverware/napkins together) featuring little messages. I wasn't sure what they were at first, so I took one out and read it. Hopefully this doesn't jinx the message inside because it was the cutest! It read "Someday I will marry the man sitting across from me. Yes, someday! <3 you honey!" So sweet.

My only complaint was the service, or lack there of. Customers are instructed to place their order at the front, choose a seat, and bus their own table. This is all fine by me, but when two sandwiches and two mimosas come to nearly $40 after tip...a little table service would be nice. Or at the very least, a cashier who greets you and doesn't make you feel super awkward! Haha.

Overall though, I would definitely eat here again. The food was great, and I'm willing to give the cashier the benefit of the doubt and assume she was having a bad day. Plus, I want to put my own little secret message in the wall!


  1. ooh, I haven't been there yet! The happy hour menu looks pretty good! thanks for the review :)

  2. what a sweet place, and that food looks amazing!!!! the cranes are such a unique cool idea :)
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  3. looks DELISH! i also love the origami cranes in the window!


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